“YAC does so much more than make good art; it makes good people“ – Elisabeth Donley, Alumni


“YAC does so much more than make good art; it makes good people“ – Elisabeth Donley, Alumni


“YAC does so much more than make good art; it makes good people“ – Elisabeth Donley, Alumni


“YAC does so much more than make good art; it makes good people“ – Elisabeth Donley, Alumni



Marcia Perry, Founder, Executive Director, Mentor
Marcia began making, showing and selling her art in 1973. She specializes in airbrush paintings, illustrations and murals, but also enjoys making pastel paintings, ceramics and mobiles. She is a published children’s book author and illustrator and her art has been licensed for products. She taught airbrush painting at Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design in Denver. As a parent, she volunteered her skills for school play set designs, classroom art instruction and permanent murals. Aware of the need for afterschool programs, and places for our young to feel valued and inspired, Marcia and Meg opened YAC on Martin Luther King Day 2000 in downtown Monterey. See www.marciaperry.com

Meg Biddle, Founder, Program Director, Mentor
Meg is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist, muralist, and the creator of Little Biddle Books. Her BFA is from California College of the Arts. She has exhibited her paintings in several one-woman and group shows, penned a comic strip that ran for seven years, and is currently published in FunnyTimes. As an illustrator, Meg worked in advertising, editorial, and now almost exclusively for education and healthcare clients – locally, Pulse Magazine, and for the last 20 years, Journeyworks Publishing (Santa Cruz). She’s also taught workshops on illustration, portfolio, and the business of art at Monterey High’s Art Academy. See www.megbiddleart.com

Grace Khieu, Promotional Assistant
Grace Khieu is a photographer and multimedia producer, born and raised in the Monterey Area. She has been helping tell people’s unique stories since 2014 through photo, video, design, or a combination of them all. She earned a B.S. in Graphic Communication at Cal Poly SLO in 2020, where she was able to take a deep dive into wedding photography and digital media. Grace is also the co-organizer of TEDxYorkSchool where she aims to be an advocate for students and hopes to give opportunities and support to those who need it. See gracekhieu.com

Natalia Corazza, Administrative Assistant, Mentor
Natalia Corazza is an artist based in the Bay Area. While her work is primarily in oils and acrylics, she also works in graphite, charcoal, and pen for her drawings. Her work explores a variation of subjects from Latinx identity, Colombian country life and landscape, to various forms of magical realism. Corazza graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from California College of the Arts in 2019.  In 2020, Corazza co-initiated a mural collaborative called "La Neta Murals" and continues to paint murals across the peninsula with her team. See www.nataliacorazza.com

Andrew Jackson, Artist in Residence, Mentor
A fine artist since 1991, Andrew Jackson has 20 years’ of experience working with galleries, publishers, collectors, and artists through his Outer Edge Studios. Born in Anaheim to a family of artists, his mother was president of the Anaheim Art Association. He moved to Carmel at age 19 to apprentice under artist John E. Mason. Once the youngest gallery owner in Carmel by-the-Sea, Andrew opened and ran his one-man gallery 1995-1998. He has worked as a color specialist, proofing and color correcting fine art giclée prints for Silvergraph Studios, and his design credits include The Color Wheel Co. “Grayscale and Value Finder” and his self-published “Intensity Wheel, A Color Mixing Guide.” See www.outeredgestudio.com

Germain Hatcher, Artist in Residence, Mentor
The former manager of Art Max and wax-chaser for sculptor Richard McDonald, Germain has expertise in many mediums. She has mentored at-risk teens and spearheaded mural projects for One Voice, Monterey, during the late 90s. She has been a regular volunteer at Youth Arts Collective since its inception.

Peggy Alonas, Artist in Residence, Mentor
Making art has been an important part of my life since the time I was a Yacster. As a mentor I’m able to share my passion for art with the kids, support their creativity, their uniqueness, their personal and artistic outlooks. I have believed in the deep value of YAC since my daughter was a Yacster 20 years ago, and now I’m grateful to be a part of this exceptional art collective of kids and mentors. More of my art can be seen at peninsulapotters.net

Paul Richmond, Artist in Residence, Mentor
Paul’s paintings are an investigation of identity, vulnerability, and human nature. Reality and abstraction compete within the figurative foundation of each piece to make the subjects’ inner struggles more tangible. He often draws upon personal history to approach universal themes. The expressive application of pigment reduces the literalness of the depiction, engaging with an exploration of color, form, shape, and pattern as windows into the psyche. Paul's fascination with people and his desire to help share their stories also extends into his work as a mentor, encouraging young artists to find their own creative voices and express themselves. See more of his art at paulrichmondstudio.com

Renata Abma, Artist in Residence, Mentor
Renata is an artist, architect and aspiring naturalist. She has been working on translating her love for nature and her interest in the built environment through her painted canvases. Her work is colorful and bold, with focus on compositions that present unique points of view. Because of her diverse background Renata is eager to share her experiences with others and mentoring seemed like a natural progression of her career. She is looking forward to mentoring at the Youth Arts Collective beginning in the summer of 2021. See more of her art at renataabma.art

Janet Myer, Grant Writer

Suzanne Crary, Bookkeeper
Suzi grew up in Carmel, attended Carmel High School and University of California, Berkeley. An expert in Quickbooks, MS Excel, and all accounting practices, she has been engaged in bookkeeping for over 25 years, managing the books for a hotel chain, local retail stores, software companies, individuals, nonprofits and many small businesses. She serves as a high school referee and works with kids on a daily basis.