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Bryce Elischer plein air painting in a field of flowers Congratulations to YACalum Bryce Elischer, who was just recently accepted to the Carmel Art Association! Don't miss seeing his gorgeous oil paintings at the New Member Show, up now through the end of June, on Dolores between 5th and 6th in Carmel. Find more of Bryce's work online at, and check out the recent article about him in the Carmel Pine Cone here! Year/years at YAC? I joined YAC when I was 15 I believe, so back in 2005. This was back when YAC was in its original location which was a smaller space, so I've gotten to see it grow and evolve into what it is now. Did you go to college and if so where? The time and work I put into my painting while I was at YAC opened up the possibility of attending art school; working independently on my own projects and a body of work allowed me to develop the ability to self direct. I submitted my portfolio and was accepted to Laguna College of Art+Design, in Laguna Beach CA in 2008. There I studied Drawing and Painting, where we would work from life and from models. The school focused heavily on representational drawing and painting and academic methods. This suited my interests and I learned valuable skills, along with getting to study under some great artists such as John Brosio. It was at school that I learned figure sculpture and other skills related to my art practice. Bryce Elischer nocturne painting of Monterey Did you learn elsewhere? Where and How? After Graduating in 2013 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a Minor in Figurative Sculpture, I moved back to Monterey where I have continued my education. I took some portrait sculpting classes at J. Hess Studios Atelier in San Francisco, under Alicia Ponzio. I have also attended workshops in the area, studying under Warren Chang, Sean Cheetham, William Wray, and Michael Obermeyer. The majority of these workshops were through Carmel Visual Arts, a studio run by Rich Brimer head of the Monterey Chapter of the California Art Club. Taking workshops from these professional artists has been greatly beneficial to my own growth. Tell us about what you’re doing now. Currently I am getting more involved in the community, joining organizations such as Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association, Central Coast Art Association, of which I am a board member and do the newsletter for, and California Plein Air Painters. I was recently accepted into the Carmel Art Association, and my work can currently be found at the Venture Gallery in downtown Monterey. I exhibit my work regularly, participating in juried and group shows statewide. Carmel Art Association postcard for Bryce Elischer's New Member Show What has inspired you along the way? Growing up on the Central Coast has always been a source of inspiration for me. The rugged beauty of this area has always drawn me in, especially through surfing. Exploring spots up and down the coast instilled a great appreciation for our place in the natural world. The literature of Robinson Jeffers captures this mentality, writing about early Big Sur and Carmel. As I've gotten older I draw more inspiration from the artistic legacy of early Carmel and Monterey, from artists such as Charles Rollo Peters and Armin Hansen to name just a few. Bryce Elischer oil painting of misty forest scene Favorite YAC memories? Some of my favorite times at YAC were spent working on paintings and exploring what painting was and could be, experimenting with materials and discovering new approaches. The 24 hour artathons were always a unique experience and enjoyable to participate in. A mention about the value of YAC. YAC is a great place to develop artistic practices because it provides a space and materials, but just as importantly I think is the freedom to make. When you're a teenager most of your life is being directed by others; between school and home, there's very little opportunity to make your own choices and to self direct. YAC provides a place for people to come and decide what it is that they're going to work on, and how they want to do it without someone telling them. It's a place to develop a work ethic built around creativity, which is a valuable skill.

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