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We're thrilled to introduce our newest Alumni Profile of Chris Powers, a multi-talented screen-printer airbrush artist who recently co-founded The Shop Monterey! The Shop is a fabulous professional art studio, gallery, and shop where artists can create, learn new skills, or get inspired. We're always thrilled to watch artist communities developing in town, and are especially impressed by young artists creating the spaces they want to see in the world!! Be sure to check out Chris's work at @chrispowers_chrispowers and the @theshopmonterey at 1271 Tenth St. in Monterey.

Year/years at YAC?

I was at YAC for about half of a year 🙂

Did you go to college, and if so where?

No college yet. I plan to go to college when they open up in person again.

Did you learn elsewhere? Where and how?

I learn and learn everyday, mostly just from people around me. If I want to do something I will find a way to learn it.

Tell us about what you're doing now.

My main interests are airbrush and screen printing, actually it’s also my job. But recently me and my two business partners (Jessica Ansberry and Nile Estep) opened a full sized space to help artists sharpen their skills, learn to monetize, or just have a fun safe place to create. So hopefully I will be learning some new things that “The Shop” will be offering! Screen printing, audio room, cold kitchen, trading post etc.

What has inspired you along the way?

Lots of things have inspired me throughout my life. Mostly seeing people do things that otherwise if not seen made would be assumed to be machine made.

Favorite YAC memories?

My favorite memory in YAC was definitely when one of the older kids gave me a paint pen. This seems really small but that paint pen changed my life. Still to this day I always keep one in my pocket.

A mention about the value of YAC?

YAC is an important space in our community! There’s a million reasons I could tell but to list a few, YAC is a safe inspirational place for the youth to learn, grow and create. It gives anyone that’s a part of it a sense of identity as an artist.

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