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Huge thanks to YACAlum Devin Mireles for this newest interview! Devin is an amazingly talented illustrator, sculptor, and puppet-builder with a brilliant sense of humor and a and totally original voice! Find more of Devin's work online at and check out his newest project Devin's Dudes on instagram @devinsdudes, on facebook here, or online at

Year/years at YAC?
It's been so long since I've been at YAC! I can't really remember but it must've been around 2007-2008? Seems like centuries ago now that I'm a grizzled old 27-year-old.

Did you go to college and if so where?
I left Monterey to go to California College of the Arts in the bay area. I majored in Illustration and I minored in Writing.

Did you learn elsewhere? Where and how?
I did a lot of sculpture in college on my own and I really learned a lot from a stint at a stop motion animation studio working as a puppet builder. I think my jobs helped improve my skills just as much as my actual schooling.

Tell us about what you’re doing now.
As of this writing I just finished up a few other puppet fabrication gigs here in LA - you'll see some of my handiwork on Adult Swim soon.
I also recently launched something called Devin's Dudes. They're fun pin-up illustrations of what's known as "bears" - stocky and husky men, but mixing feminine and masculine qualities. I really wanted to do art that spoke to my identity as a gay man, and that put a twist on what one would normally picture then they thought of "gay art."

What has inspired you along the way?
I get inspired by pop culture, 80's hi-NRG music, and moments that only I find funny. This past presidential election has inspired me, too, actually, because it taught me that nothing really matters anyway so why not make the stuff you think no one will care about.

Favorite YAC memories?
My favorite YAC memory is one of those moments only I think is funny. It was during my first 24 hour artathon, and it must've been 3 AM. (By the way, a 24 hour artathon NOW sounds like so much fun. Anyone in?)
Anyway, Meg was checking in with everyone, seeing if we were feeling good, and Chloe mentioned feeling exhausted. Meg agreed and then there was a small beat of silence, almost like a waking micro-nap between the three of us. Then Meg walked one way and Chloe walked the opposite way, but they were both so tired they could only sort of... scoot.
In my own sleep-deprived mind it looked like the most curious dance of resignation and I burst out laughing. No one understood the source of my joy but we all understood it was the "burst out laughing for no reason" hour.

A mention about the value of YAC?
YAC's a great place. Back then I was super awkward and shy and unconfident so I don't think I got out as much as I truly should have. It's such a great resource for young artists to just go wild and try any medium you want to. I miss it!

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