Alumni Profile: Michelle Magdalena Maddox

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We're so happy to introduce photographer Michelle Magdalena Maddox in our newest Alumni Profile! Michelle does both commercial and fine art photography, is on the board at the Weston Collective, and runs Bohypsian - a published print journal centered around arts activism and social justice! Find Michelle's gorgeous work online at

Years at YAC?

3 years between 2000 - 2002

Did you go to college and if so where?

Yes, I went to Brooks Institute of Photography

Did you learn elsewhere? Where and how?

I did internships with magazines and had mentors.

Tell us about what you’re doing now.

I am a self employed commercial and fine art photographer (not always easy but worth it).

What has inspired you along the way?

Definitely the work of other artists and being in nature.

Favorite YAC memories?

Lol, definitely the ARTaThons. Nothing like pumping out art on a deadline with an abundance of snacks, creative company and lack of sleep!

A mention about the value of YAC?

There is a unique relation to art at YAC which differs from what you find in school. First off everyone is there because they want to be. Second, everyone is working in different mediums and you don't really know each other from “school,” so you really build you special relationships. These friendships are more closely related to the relationships you make for life as a person living a life in the arts.

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