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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.54.12 PM Metamorphic, our premiere ARTable event, - took place Saturday the 10th at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. It was a stunning success - an evening of creative extravagance filled with scrumptious food, wine, and fashion unlike anything seen before. Guests enjoyed passed hors d'oeuvres provided by Montrio Bistro, Fandango Restaurant, and Michael's Catering with wines provided by Pierce Ranch Vineyards and Silvestri Vineyards. Act one unveiled a spectacular Andy Warhol inspired dessert of multicolored swan puffs created by Chef Ron Mendoza, paired with etherial wearable art created by Foxy Couture and Marcia Perry and modeled by Chelsea Brest, and a fantastic plastic creation by Tessuti Zoo, Janet Rogers and Chloe Wilson modeled by Barbara Sayre. Act two revealed a sumptuous honeycomb dessert by Yulanda Santos, a gorgeous magnolia inspired wearable art piece by Lilify and Patricia Giffen modeled by Ashley Johnson, and a fabulous digitally printed dress by Bernard Trainor, Bella's Studio and modeled by Gracie Balisterri. MC Maddox Haberdasher introduced the third and final act - in which Chef Ben Spungin served his spectacular dessert inspired by Archan Nair's Metamorphic invitation artwork. YACsters Darlene von Maschmeyer and Tiffany Thisner performed in their dreamy and galactic creations, and finally Cat's Meow models Tiffany Decker and Jeanette Laboy danced out through the audience for the finale. Thank you from everyone at Youth Arts Collective - the YACsters, mentors/staff, & Board of Directors - to the designers, chefs, wineries, artists, and performers who so generously donated their time and extraordinary talents to YAC for this wonderful ARTable event! We hope to do another ARTable event again next Fall. Exquisite event photography by Iain Anderson.

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