LiveART on hold for now- but stay tuned!

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We were so looking forward to our 9th Annual LiveART – our biggest, kindest, most fun live art and music party for the community. And it would’ve taken place last weekend. But then COVID-19 happened.

So now we are left with boxes of invitations, and sorely missing all the hundreds of excited, smiling attendee faces with uplifted hearts listening to foot-tapping music, watching eye-candy art making, getting their portraits drawn by 20 artists at once - all this and more that is LIveART.

So in honor of all the LiveARTs before, we just cannot let this week pass without a nod and deep Appreciation Attack for the most amazing group of talented professional artists and musicians who have participated in LiveART year after year –the biggest annual display of “Do art. Be
kind.” to benefit YAC ever. See last year’s line-up.

In the meantime, we are currently exploring the logistics of producing a version of LiveART online. (Perhaps in conjunction with our other signature event - ARTathon if shelter-in-place continues through June.)

So stay tuned – LiveART is not, I repeat, not going away!

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