YAC Moves Online, a Coronavirus Update

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Dear Supportive Friends of Youth Arts Collective,

As you probably realized by now, we needed to temporarily close the studios because of this looming pandemic. We are so thankful to live in a community that has taken the steps necessary to limit the rise of this virus and to protect so many vulnerable people among us. We are all coming together to stay apart!

We want to assure you that we are continuing our mentoring remotely and are finding creative ways to stay connected and keep inspiring the Yacsters to do art and to be kind.  All of us, as YAC mentors, will continue to reach out regularly to our kids though these challenging next few weeks to months. We want to continue to provide an emotional safety net and be able to use our network to help our kids and their families as much as we can. We are determined to bridge this time of separation and seclusion for all of us.

We have moved the program online to be a creative, fun, and comforting touchstone for our YACsters.

Website Blog: https://yacstudios.org/blog/

For news about YAC’s virtual studios. Posts about what the YACsters are working on. Occasional videos that we might share from our virtual sketch circles, demos, fun YACster meetups etc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youthartscollective/ 

For all of us and our supporters to follow to show that our studios have gone digital, and that we’re still alive, going strong, and serving our community.

FB Group - “YAC Online”

This is where our program lives -our clubhouse and touchstone for both YACsters and mentors. Alumni are also welcome. It’s a hub to post fun, creative stuff (images and videos) about what everyone is working on, images of inspiring artists or projects we may not know about…walks outside, etc. Also a place to meet up 2x weekly on Zoom to check in, do some art together, bring your pet to YAC day, attend a scheduled demo, listen to an Artist Interview, etc. Mentors will be participating in all of this. Just like YAC. 

YACsters have all been emailed links to join this group. They’ll just need to create a profile on FB to join.

All of us from YAC wish all of you and your precious families good health and safety through this time of great uncertainty. We are all extremely grateful for your support for Youth Arts Collective and the many kids we serve. Thanks to you and our wonderful community, YAC will survive this crisis.

With Love and Gratitude,

Marcia, Meg, Chloe, Germain, Andrew, Meheen and Peggy

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