24hr Artathon 2014

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ARTathon photo mashup of group photos and yacsters making artIt was the busiest, most well attended and industrious artathon ever. And it’s been going on every summer for 14 years.

The reason we do this crazy event year after year is because it’s the season when Chapman and Harden Foundations offer matching grants to every one of your donations. It’s therefore our largest, and most successful grassroots fundraiser for YAC’s operational needs.

Artathon has become not just a tradition, but a right of passage for every YACster to experience. Doing art for 24hrs is no easy task. But it’s also fun, a bit crazy, and a block of time spent in the creative zone with fellow artists, doing possibly their best work. 

The art will be on display at our annual Summer Art Show  - Come to Opening Night, Friday, July 25, 5-9pm and see for yourself. The exhibit is all at once exquisite, funny, refreshing, and dear. Here’s a peek into the 24 hours it took to manufacture much of that show. Included are some of the photos that were taken every hour to mark the time. The videos should also give you an idea of what the Artathon was like this year. 

Donations to YAC are still matched through the Summer Art Show until Aug 1. If you haven’t already contributed to the Artathon please consider a donation while your gift can be doubled. Thank You!

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