30 Days/30 Drawings:

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30 Days 30 Drawings YACster's daily art On May 31st, following a 30-day challenge, several artists still had more to draw and say. On the heels of LiveART YAC”s biggest event of the year, co-founder Meg Biddle decided, in a crazy flash of inspiration, to launch an internet challenge which she titled, “30 days / 30 drawings”, without warning, on May 1st. Based on an old art school exercise to remove creative blocks, Meg invited YACsters, alumni, staff and friends from the community, to join her in making a drawing every day for 30 days, and post it on https://www.facebook.com/30days30drawings/photos  Check it out! About 24 participants of all ages, split evenly between YACsters and artist friends, participated in the challenge. What was produced 30 days later exceeded everyone’s expectations! Creative breakthroughs were too numerous to mention, from YACsters to staff to our next-door neighbors (you know who you are). YAC mentorAndrew Jackson found his muse again and began painting after a 10 year absence, selling every one of his oil “sketches”, within minutes of posting them. Read Walter Ryce’s article here . Long time YAC supporter, Barbara Bastian, who hadn’t drawn for way too long, took on the challenge and we all had a chance to see her crazy/beautiful pencil illustrations of masks and totems and mythical birds emerge daily, and she was delighted to share this with a gracious artist community. Margaret Ruth Dorsett, Margie from Copy King, has inadvertently created a delightful children’s book (in my opinion) through this simple challenge. Who knew? YACster Alexander got regular thumbs up on his funny drawings. Other YACsters did some of their best work. Alums Chloe Wilson and Justin DeVine each produced a wonderful series. Thanks to this exercise, I have just sent a new batch of cartoons to Funny Times, to which I am a contributor, after a year and a half of feeling “too busy to make art.” Just to have a peek into the daily brains of Chloe Wilson, Justin DeVine, Andrew Jackson, Brian Iglesias, Alex Assemi, Meg Biddle and many others, is a treat. Check it out. Sometime this summer, Meg will launch another 30day/30 drawing challengeand you are all invited!Stay tuned. (Sign up here for updatesjust to be sure.) In the meantime she’s started Discuss: Weekly Art Prompts from YAC“Join YACters and friends of YAC as we respond to weekly prompts with our drawings, paintings, and photography. New prompts every Sunday!” First prompt is already up! http://www.facebook.com/discussatyac . Like the page and join us. -Jim Dultz

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