Stunning exhibit by twenty YACsters at Monterey Museum of Art

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majesty flower painting by Angela Bomarito

Monterey has been graced with many great artists in its time, from the classics to the contemporary. Define:/self/ – Exploring Female Identity is a collaborative exhibition using art provided by young female artists from Monterey Youth Arts Collective. Twenty artists responded to the prompt, “What does it mean to be a female artist”, creating an eclectic, multi-media exhibition. The exhibit, now showing at Monterey Museum of Art, explores the idea of womanhood, self-identity, and how the artists choose to define themselves. Photographs of the artists provide a more intimate understand of the artist and their narrative.

Define:/self/ – Exploring Female Identity was also created as Ms. D’Auria’s graduating senior Capstone project for California State University, Monterey Bay, Visual Arts Department.

Image: Angela Bomarito, Majesty, Acrylic on canvas


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