YAC’s Summer Art Show & Virtual Art Auction

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Both Openings - Friday, July 30th

Join us for both virtual events Fri July 30th
through our website here!
The YACster Summer Art Show runs through October.

YAC’s returning Summer Art Show features all new YACster art including many new members’ work. It’s quite a display of talent and authentic voices. Plus - always a fun and enlightening experience to watch their all-new 30sec videos attached to each of their pages. As always, a YAC art show is an art exhibition unlike many, with something to move, surprise, or tickle everyone.

The Virtual ART Auction runs one week, bidding ends August 7

We’re talking about a LOT of artists here -
It is an enormous act of generosity and faith when 50 professional artists come together to support the younger artists in our community. It’s happening for Youth Arts Collective with YAC’s largest art auction ever. And it’s in tandem with YAC’s annual YACster Summer Art Show. The list of participating artists is stellar which includes 17 YAC alumni now working in the arts.

Joaquin Turner
Liz Murray
Erin Lee Gafill
Pamela Takigawa
Jennifer Anderson
Bernard Trainor
Paul Richmond
Pamela Carroll
Andrew Jackson
Chris Crozier
Robin Winfield
Will Bullas
Chris Leib
Kim Campbell
Jack Wray
Peggy Alonas
Chloe Wilson
Marcia Perry
Meg Biddle
Germain Hatcher
Renata Abma
Mai Ryuno
Pedro Rodriguez
Valerie Guardiola
Kristin Guertin
Jim Dultz
Amanda Salm
Ray Magsalay
Jan Wagstaff
Mary Liz Houseman
Steven Russell
Susan McKendry
Colleen Frye
Vicki Sarris
Justin DeVine
Cody Moore
Benjamin Anderson
Khalid Hussein
Iain Anderson
Grace Wodecki
Kento Saisho
Angela Bomarito
Angela Arrocha
Elisabeth Ronley
Logan Parsons
Ariel Williams
Zach Westfall
Norah Cook
Andrea Alexander
Leda Annest

“Do art. Be kind.”

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