YAC’s LiveArt Event, A Success!

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LiveArt 2013 was a fabulous success (see article below)! The sheer amount of people who helped us produce such a night was humbling to YAC's founders Marcia and me (Meg). Here comes a long list of people we need to thank. Profusely. Sketch circle at Liveart Jennifer Anderson doing printmaking during LiveArtARTISTS: Ed Leeper, Simon Bull, Ray Magsalay, Steven Whyte, Michael Snodgrass, Emily Brown “bird mafia”, Kevin Miller, Karen Gelff, Frank Troia and Germain Hatcher (who drew portraits all night long), Lisa Haas, Sunshine Jackson, Mary Liz Houseman, Nina Paris, Jennifer Anderson, Jose Ortiz, Hanni Liliedahl, Billy Evans, Jody Royee, Steven Russell, Scott Jacobs, Chloe Wilson, Elisabeth Donley, Ruth Callaway, Logan Parsons, and Bryce Elischer. MUSICIANS: Keith Damron, Jordon Smart, David Sanchez, Ben Anderson, Gregory Gainsborough, Robin Winfield, Ron Baxter and “Wet Punks On Boats”, Tiffany Decker, Nichole Dillenberg, Alex Wekell, Eric Rowe, Jayson Fann, and Ricky Cabalza. Ray Magsalay and other artists creating work at LiveArtVOLUNTEERS: Nate Stephens, Gloria and Kenji Saisho, Terri and Tim Pipes, Susan McKendry, Heidi Feldman, Rebecca Stone, Richard Jensen, Eugenia Ortiz, Roselle, Janie Maddox, Heather, Sue, Diane Yost, and New track lights installed by Mike Lebrucherie Our fabulous, hard working staff Andrew Jackson and Cortina Whitmore. Our awesome Board of Directors especially Mary Marks, Patricia Giffen, Kirk Probasco, Linda Matson, Robin Russell-Gibson, and most especially our master of ceremonies Jim Dultz, without whom we could not have produced LiveArt - once again. FLOWERS from Matrangas - Design by Lilify WINE from Silvestri Vineyards and Dawn’s Dream Winery & Galante Vineyards (Dorothea Probasco, Dave Bifano, Sandra & Alan SIlvestri, Dawn & Jack Galante, Lisa Winfield) Click on image below to view full article.
The Monterey County Herald Go! LiveArt Article

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