YAC To Launch Outdoor Meetups!

posted on July 3, 2020 by

Good news for YACsters!  After three months of running our program virtually, YAC is adding something new.  We’re headed for the great outdoors to be with each other in weekly YAC Meetups because it’s time to do art together in person and spread a little joy!  Pods of 10 YACsters and 2 mentors each are scheduled for every Tuesday afternoon in parks (green space) in Monterey starting July 7th.

Since March, mentors and some helpful alumni have been doing everything possible to mentor YACsters regularly online. We’ve been using 2hr sketch zooms twice a week, FaceBook and Instagram clubhouses to post our projects and inspiration, and regular individual telephone check ins. But there is just nothing like seeing each other in real life to mentor well and keep them buoyant - hence adding these weekly outdoor meetups to the mix. The online portion of YAC will still continue to function as before.

Every precaution will be taken to keep YACsters and mentors safe during these sessions utilizing masks and social distancing practices. We’ll be making individual boxes of supplies customized to the needs of each YACster. This will be their own set of supplies that they bring to every meetup, and for when we finally return to YAC studios itself.

Since we are lucky enough to live in a mild climate, this new part of our program will continue at least through August and perhaps September.

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