YAC’s 21st Birthday Party

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YAC officially turned 21 last Friday. And we had a party! (albeit remotely)

Mentors, YACsters, board members, and a few alumni dropped by to celebrate and draw yaks with us while we laughed and exchanged stories about early YAC days. Some also showed us what they had baked for the occasion, which.... was both fun to look at but a terrible tease because it made us all hungry! Getting a surprise visit from alum Norah and her son topped it all off splendidly!

Marcia and Meg founded YAC on MLK Day, 2000. This is what Marcia just texted the YACsters today:

Happy Martin Luther King Day!! Dr King was one of the greatest American visionaries. He began and led a non violent civil rights movement that is still alive, growing and essential today. We are making progress but far from finished. We opened YAC on his birthday with his dream in mind .

It is up to each one of us to make the world kinder, to strive to make the world just and whole. We are each part of a beautiful spectrum of humanity- no color is more important than another / just as in the rainbow - please each one of you - do art yes/ but above all be kind. Lead your life with love.

And here’s some stuff we drew at the birthday party.

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