Chloe Wilson’s Art in Santa Fe

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Chloe Wilson has been very busy. And I don’t mean just what she does for us here at YAC, which is a lot.

Two years ago she joined Carmel Art Association, as the youngest artist ever accepted there (until another YACalum Bryce Elischer took that title the following year). Last year she became a member of IGOR (International Guild Of Realism). And next month (October) she’s part of the the 13th International Guild of Realism (IGOR) Exhibit in… wait for it….. Santa Fe! The show runs from October 5th - October 29th at the Sugarman Peterson Gallery.

These past few years we’ve had the pleasure of watching Chloe develop stunning bodies of work with steady attention to her practice, moving quickly to becoming an emerging artist to watch and collect. It has been inspiring and instructive to both YACsters and mentors to witness. This show in Santa Fe breaks into yet another arena of audience alongside fellow esteemed artists from IGOR. We are all very excited for her.

Meanwhile, back in Monterey, Chloe’s preparing for a solo show this winter in the Currents Gallery, Monterey Museum of Art. The show will be up in December, with an opening reception on Friday, December 7th. Save the date! Currents Gallery is one of the two new MMA exhibition spaces dedicated to recognizing the work of emerging and evolving California artists. More about that later!

To see Chloe’s work in-person visit Carmel Art Association in Carmel, and also Cooper Molera’s Diaz Gallery show of YACsters and their mentors, in Monterey. Also online at

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