YAC Mentor Andrew Jackson in two Exhibits!

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YAC Mentor Andrew JacksonWe are so proud of YAC mentor Andrew Jackson – not only is he participating in YAC’s fifth installment of 30days/30drawings (outdoing all of us with his gorgeous daily paintings), but he’s also exhibiting in two different shows, as well as taking full advantage of his new studio space on Cannery Row! Check out both of Andrew’s shows - at bourbon bar Angel Share on Cannery Row (21+), as well as at Lalla Grill - an ongoing and rotating show that runs through June 2017. Andrew's work can also be found (and purchased!) online at outeredgestudio.com, or in person at his studio space, American Tin Cannery Outlet Mall, number 312-b (for appointments call 831-601-7846). Read more about Andrew's work and process in our interview with him from the spring!

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