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YACster AngelaAngela, a 19-year-old sophomore at MPC, has gratefully been a member of YAC for 4+ years and is now the intern. Not a huge surprise, as she remembers carefully redrawing the covers of VHS cartoon movies as a very young girl. Presently, she describes herself as “happy, outgoing and amiable”. Angela prefers to work in acrylic and often focuses on the subject matter of animals and nature – an organic product of the beauty that she finds in the outdoors. Her art is “colorful, original and delicate” like that of the artist who greatly inspires her, Georgia O’Keefe. Living in Monterey also provides constant stimulation and ideas for her work. Without YAC, Angela is certain that she artistically would be nowhere near where she is today. The “supportive, creative and quirky” community and mentors are very important to her. She believes that being of part of YAC shows not only provides concrete goals for which to create art but also forces a young creative like herself to become acquainted with talking to interested strangers about the work she has created. In addition to the shows, taking part in YAC events and fundraisers have shown Angela just how supportive the community at large can be. This sort of community support became abundantly clear to Angela when she was asked to design and paint the promotional poster for a local Chris Botti concert. At the show, Chris Botti invited her on stage to recognize her talent. She considers this her biggest honor to date. Angela hopes to always continue progressing and would love to successfully work in oil. Her ultimate dream job would be to work as an Art Director for print advertising or a magazine as she is also interested in graphic arts. See more of Angela’s work here:

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