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IMG_4224 Brian, a 21 year old, self-described stoic and compassionate individual, is taking a leave of absence from the Santa Fe University of Art & Design. He has been a member of YAC for 3 years – since he was attending Monterey Peninsula College as a freshmen. Brian states that YAC “is a catalyst for one’s personal development, a forum for our collective development and a headquarters for the young art scene.” Being a member of YAC has shown Brian that “artists don’t starve - that existing as an artist in not a myth. That all it takes is to want to do art.” Brian first recalls loving art when as a kindergartener he was engrossed in watercolor. Presently he finds working with pencil grants him both instant and the most gratification, and would describe his work as “meticulous, cheeky and colorful.” He focuses on scripting, story building and his love of video games - recognizing these skills are inherently chained to his art. This being said, he remembers with pride when he presented his final project at the Monterey High School Art Academy wherein he had created a basic demonstration of a video game complete with slides and artwork. The work clearly conveyed what the envisioned game would be about. The teacher still references his project and presentation in current classes. Brian’s art often emphasizes figures; a passion he utilizes regularly in his part time job drawing caricatures at Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row. He also focuses on dynamic action scenes. Fight scenes, in particular, he finds to be a careful balance of movement and aesthetic that require proper planning to produce – either animated or in still. He is primarily inspired by the fact that video games are a totally synthesized world created by man wherein an artist can dream up a totally enclosed, separate reality. Outside of the game world, he recognizes and appreciates the smallest, most peculiar details of actual life such as the organic color palette created by nature in a specific moment. Through his time at YAC and being part of YAC shows, Brian has realized that marketing and making art, while sometimes simultaneous, are very different skill sets. As he proceeds forward, he hopes that neither will fail him. Within ten years, he desires to be the Creative Director behind a large video game project, or even company - or at least enjoying the process of working towards that goal. See Brian’s work here:

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