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IMG_4288 C.J., a 16-year-old in the summer before his senior year at York School, has been a YACster for 3 years - since he started high school. He finds YAC to be “eclectic, quirky and entertaining” – a perfect fit for himself, a “cynical, slightly nervous, and real” guy who’s favorite mediums are cartooning, as well as realism. C.J.’s first memory of art was watching cartoons on television while simultaneously mimicking the styles he was observing. He, admittedly, still does the same thing to date. This initial interaction with cartooning eventually led into his exploring/discovering/creating his own perspective, which is his specific representation of how he interacts with the world and is often a personification of his worries. This results in cartoons that are “charming, accurate and self-deprecating”. He has learned that his work has to be “relatable in order to be sellable.” In order to raise money for a local Comic Con, C.J. is active in promoting and selling at a monthly showing of classic movies at the Steinbeck Center. In addition to his cartoons, C.J. also creates realistic acrylic paintings primarily focusing on marine animals. He volunteers regularly at the aquarium and this provides constant inspiration. In fact, he was thus far most proud of his art when his piece of a Dumbo octopus sold at a YAC show. He finds further inspiration from the internet wherein if he “casts the net, he will hopefully get a catch” and claims that many of his greatest ideas come from passing notes with friends during class. C.J. also plays piano and ukulele, enjoys kayaking and is not a good cook. In ten years, and he acknowledges that this is very subject to change, he would like to study/have studied general biology and integrate his art into his job. He would like to translate his studies and his experiences in a way that enhance his comics. For example, he is presently creating a book of “how to prepare for college.” He realizes, thanks to YAC, that a career or continued personal dedication to art is possible if you take the proper steps to get there. See more of C.J.’s comic work here. You can also find more of his cartoons published in Foolish Times. See C.J.’s TEDx talk about comics as an art form here. See more information about the monthly showing of classic movies at Steinbeck Center that raises money for the upcoming local Comic Con here. CJ cartoons

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