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IMG_4279Demitria, a 19-year-old MPC Freshmen, has been a member of YAC for 4+ years, when her Mother, thankfully, introduced her to the organization. When Demi first joined she considered herself very shy and reluctant to express her full person. However she quickly settled in and blossomed at YAC, stating that, "it is difficult to describe how amazing YAC is, and it was here that she came out of her shell. Having experienced a difficult time in Middle School and a tricky start to High School, YAC is now her second family.” With the support that YAC provides, Demi feels she now has the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Demi, who describes herself as “funny, generous and quirky”, fondly remembers the support of her actual family when as a young girl her Grandma and Grandpa would lay out butcher paper throughout the kitchen and, covered in color, she would paint for hours. By high school she had moved on from finger painting to constant doodling, which then turned into cartooning. Presently she prefers to work in acrylic because of its ability to spread and blend. Her work is “colorful, full of positive vibes and has an emphasis on her culture”. Her Polynesian heritage, specifically her Samoan ancestry, deeply inspires her – especially tribal art and pattern as symbols. She also loves flowers because, in addition to being beautiful, the vivid colors express so much emotion and she is attracted to surrealism because it is “just not normal”. Demi is really inspired by the different times in a day, most especially when the sky contains both warm and cool colors as it shifts between day and night. She very much loves producing and distributing handmade special occasion greeting cards and is always available to provide a solid hug! Demi hopes to continually improve her color composition and blending capabilities. She would also love to expand her culinary skills and perhaps help in her Aunt’s bakery. Her goal is to transfer to an art school after she finishes her general education at MPC - she would love to explore hand drawn animation as she really looks up to James Baxter, who created Prince of Egypt, as well as learn more about digital cartoon art. Recently Demi was commissioned to create a “Birdhouse for Books” through the Monterey Free Library. This was an honor because, with limited direction, Demi was challenged to utilize all her own ideas. She decided to highlight abstract scenery scapes and ombre color waves. See more of Demi’s work here: IMG_1222 IMG_1229 demi

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