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Eden is a 16-year-old junior at Pacific Grove High School who describes herself as “creative, kind, and loyal.” She first joined YAC as a freshman, after being a regular in our TAG (Teaching Across Generations) program for about a year, and finds YAC to be “fun, whimsical, and quirky.”

Eden’s first memory of making art was drawing a flower at her grandparent’s house and having her grandfather tell her, “that’s not how you draw a flower,” and then proceeding to take the paper away and teach her how to draw a flower. Today Eden describes her work as “whimsical, colorful, and loose.” Her favorite medium is acrylic paint and she is drawn to impressionism “because it gives you freedom to create images that are traditional, yet have their own unique sense of style.” Eden is most inspired by her grandpa and her dad (who are both artists, too!), Pierre Bonnard, Modigliani, and YAC as a whole!

Eden’s other passions include riding horses, playing tennis, and reading. Being a part of YAC has inspired Eden to try all different kinds of art, and through YAC she has made many new friends. She says that YAC brings out the best in you! Eden describes being a part of a YAC exhibit as “just kind of awesome, because you’re able to show tons of people what you’re able to create, and what you love doing the most.” At the last Summer Art Show, Eden sold many of her pieces, which she said was “really, really exciting!” like the icing on the cake of an already awesome experience. One of the moments Eden was proudest of her art was this year, when she won second place in the For The Love of Art competition at the Carmel Art Association.

Looking forward, Eden would love to learn how to work with oil paint. She thinks she may be too impatient to use it, but it’s what her grandpa uses and she’d love to try it! Eden hopes to one day go to an art school, and possibly own her own gallery. In ten years, Eden dreams of being an artist in a major gallery. You can find more of Eden’s beautiful and unique work on Instagram @edens_arts_, in our Valentine’s Day Show here, or our Holiday Art Show here!

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