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YACster EllieEllie, a 16-year-old Junior at York, has been a member of Youth Arts Collective for a year. She first remembers doing art when, at five years old, she made her younger sister a book about cats. Presently, she prefers to draw and work in watercolor. Ellie, self-described as artistic, intelligent and nice, is also passionate about playing soccer and field hockey; and enjoys reading and hiking with her dogs. In regards to her art, she considers her work both eclectic and cathartic and often focuses on people, as they are so expressive. She draws inspiration from her parents, talented artists online and looking back at her own progress. Most recently, her proudest moment was when her art teacher indicated that the students more comfortable with their drawing skills should try a more advanced project and subsequently insisted that Ellie do so. She is grateful to YAC as she believes it to be equally “important and fun” - before participating in a YAC show, she had never showed her work publically, or at all. Ellie desires to next explore the medium of oil paint. She hopes to always do art, ultimately improving, and looks forward to next year applying to liberal art colleges that are outside of California.  She is open to studying art, in addition to biology, and also likes the idea of writing and reading. See Ellie’s work here:

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