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Emilio, a 19-year-old student at Monterey Peninsula College, has been a member of YAC for close to two years and loves being part of the “fulfilling, welcoming and cozy” atmosphere. In fact Emilio very much loves the constant collaboration with and appreciation from his peers.

Emilio, self-described as “idealistic, extroverted and sensible,” first remembers doodling on everything and anything just as soon as he could properly grip any sort of writing instrument. His Mother often tells the story of a very young Emilio drawing a face on a restaurant coaster while out for a family dinner. Presently, his favorite medium is traditional hand drawing in ink. He occasional works in acrylic painting and sometimes explores digital art as well. His subject matter is based on his fascination with appealing to human emotions and verisimilitude, a.k.a. “the ability to be both fantastical and realistic simultaneously.” His work is generally humorous in nature, often depicts people who inspire him, and explores the realm of science fiction and world building.

He is inspired by his own experiences, the experiences he shares with others, creative lore, fictional worlds, analysis (both of himself and of the external world), as well as reading all forms of literature. He describes his art as “fun” and hopes that when people view his work that it elicits a sense of playfulness.

In addition to improving the mediums he already works in, Emilio would like to learn to work in airbrush. Apart from visual art, Emilio also enjoys acting, singing and playing music, experimenting with technology, modding video games, exercise (including kickboxing), and writing - specifically short fiction stories and film analysis. In ten years, he hopes to be doing something that he just loves, probably acting and/or comic art.

Emilio’s favorite quote is “whatever happens, happens.” He says, “It’s a simple one, but so, so true.”

Check out Emilio’s art on instagram @aesthetic_squid

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