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IMG_4118 Grace, a 17-year-old Senior at Monterey High, has been a member of YAC for 3.5 years – since she was a high school freshman. She finds YAC to be “unique, expressive and quirky,” as well as a delightful melting pot of personalities and style. Grace’s own artistic style often focuses on nature and landscapes and is noted as “meaningful, reflective and simultaneously delicate.” She is attracted to this subject matter as it is unaffected by human touch and is inherently beautiful. For the latter reason, she is also interested in rendering humans. When she portrays a person she often feels the figure is an expression of how she personally is relating to or feeling about a certain thing. This is evidence of her “thoughtful, imaginative and wondrous” personality. She often works in watercolor because of the many techniques it requires and the exploration of the application but mainly because of the fact that the artist cannot have total control. Heightening her art is her inspiration from music, friends and road trips. Grace also draws many ideas from imagery envisioned while reading and is very interested in the impressionist era; specifically the work of Van Gogh and Monet. In addition to art, Grace enjoys writing, film and photography. She first remembers doing art as a four or five year old when she visited her Grandmother, who is herself an artist. In fact, this became the ultimate karmic payback, as her Grandma was the first person to purchase one of Grace’s paintings at her first YAC show. Being a part of that initial show and later subsequent showings, Grace feels honored to be included in such a diverse display wherein each YACster’s independent perspective makes their individual work stand out. She would like to further explore digital mediums, specifically animation and graphics, and is hoping to study art as she applies to colleges for next year. She doesn’t yet know if she will study or work in studio or digital art, but hopes to make a living within one of those professions, perhaps in the movie industry. Either way, it is her hope that her work will continually allow the viewer to think in a different way and thus understand her particular perspective. See Grace’s work here:

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