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IMG_7146 Iain, a 17-year-old homeschooled senior who also attends classes at Monterey Peninsula College, describes himself as “diligent, optimistic, and an outside-the-box-thinker.” Although Iain has been a member of YAC for just over a year, he's known about the organization since he was ten, as both of his older siblings, Ben and Maddie, were YACsters. He finds YAC to be a sanctuary for creative thought and full of opportunity. Iain also serves as YAC’s event photographer. Iain first recalls loving art when he was four or five when he explored drawing and watercolor with his mother, a professional artist. Presently he finds himself heavily involved in photography, specifically portraiture and long exposure, and would describe his work as “reflective, unique and intimate.” He focuses on the very direct interaction with the camera and the subject, which reveals the familiarity necessary to accurately capture an individual. Iain also tries to expose an experience one cannot see with the naked eye – capturing the long-term affect of movement. He enjoys manipulating lighting as much as possible, or as much as desired, and soaking up a saturated color in order to highlight a specific contrast. Street photography, nature, Vivien Maier, unique landscapes, and Europe inspire Iain. His work is often focused on the natural world and sports (particularly swimming), and usually incorporates a historical perspective. It is no surprise that in addition to art, Iain is a swimmer, body-boarder, and enjoys doing anything involving the ocean. Iain’s hope for his art and his photography is that it will continue to maintain its clarity and reinforce his unique perspective. He would like to work more with printmaking and dreams of evolving into a career based on his photography - for example, a National Geographic shooter or a sports photographer. He would also like to pursue his fine art work. He will formally study art next year when he attends a four-year college. See Iain’s work here:

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