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YACster Kelsoe Kelsoe - a 15-year-old independent study sophomore who also takes classes at MPC - has been a YACster for just over a year since he started high school. He finds YAC to be “accepting, lively and appreciated” – a perfect fit for himself, a “blunt, individualistic and inquisitive” guy who’s favorite medium is presently charcoal but changes often as he is “young and doesn’t like to be confined.” Kelsoe’s first memory of art was when he was four taping pieces of paper together to complete his crayon garden. He remembers laying out his creations in the family living room and announcing to his parents that they were invited to an art show. His pricing was admittedly unrealistic but his folks supported him regardless. Now, Kelsoe’s work often focuses on faces, particularly women’s faces and specifically their eyes. He feels that through the eyes, you can portray expression - eyes can be equally captivating and beautiful. Of distinction, pale and deathly looking subjects are often represented in his work. He considers his art to be “expressive, emotive and unsettling.” He finds further inspiration from a variety of different music genres including Goth rock, industrial metal, classic rock and indie. His favorite bands include Korn, Marilyn Manson, The Cure and Sisters of Mercy. He looks up to Kevin A. T. (aka BLK KAT ART), modern illustrator Julie Filipenko, various charcoal artists that he is introduced to via social media, and Tim Burton. He is also infatuated with medical contraptions from the 1800s. Recently, Kelsoe was able to look back at work he created over the past four years and acknowledge his improvement. He would like to continue to advance his art in order to “shock and confuse” his audience. He dreams that his work may acquire him some notoriety and would like to also pursue filmmaking, oil painting and sculpting. In ten years (and he offers the caveat that this is very subject to change), he would like to own an antiques + oddities store and also thinks being a musician would be cool. He realizes that he will be working, while continuing to attend MPC, in order to save money to become an entrepreneur. See more of Kelsoe’s work here.

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