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IMG_4308-1 Kylie, a 16-year-old homeschooled through Ocean Grove Charter, has been a member of YAC for three years and finds it to be a “welcoming, informative, and safe” place for her to pursue her artistic interests. She is especially appreciative of how YAC has shown her the industry side of showing and selling art. Kylie enjoys working in watercolor because of its inherent brightness and versatility - sometimes the wash can be faint and other times so very precise. Thus, she describes her work as “bright, odd and emotional” and deems it to be highly evocative of what she is feeling. Strong female “Muses” are a subject matter that Kylie is very drawn to. She feels that women are often under represented, especially in comic art - where they tend to be “dainty and over sensualized”. She attempts to portray the diversity and strength of the female. This interest developed at a very young age when Kylie would commandeer her Mom’s business notepads to draw monster girls with really long claws all over them. Additionally, Kylie loves exploring and artfully executing the inspiration she receives from nature-based religions such as paganism and Wicca. Her more specific inspirations are the ocean, astronomy and stars, her dear cousin Mel who is an artist, music, and playing video games – specifically drawing ideas from game concept art wherein there is a great “mix of realism and cartoon” Kylie, who considers herself a “stubborn, passionate and ridiculously busy” young artist, is also a dancer of 12+ years and a student of karate, who enjoys cooking (and eating) food. She also loves to wear and apply henna, a reddish-orange die made from the leaves of plants and lovingly applied to the skin in a temporary design. Kylie’s hope for her art is to further her conceptual design of characters so that they can really “tell a story” and would love to play with oil paints. Her dream for her life is to become a company dancer and subsequently open a dance studio focusing on Afro and Latin dance as well as hip-hop. See more of Kylie’s work here.  

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