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Luis, 24, is finishing up at Hartnell College and heading off to Cogswell University (CSV) based in Silicon Valley to major in 3d animation. 

His earliest memory of making art dates back when he was 4 or 5 drawing stick figure portraits of his family, and later vividly remembers drawing family portraits along with his parents and siblings. Now he creates portraits, landscapes, and a cartoon series. His colors are bold and experimental. “Change the color, change the mood” Currently colored pencil and markers, and graphite are his go-to art tools, however he’s exploring other media like clay sculpture and figurines. When asked what he dreams of becoming, Luis hopes to go into illustration as an animator, working on projects with his own characters. Currently he’s learning 3d animation.

He joined YAC three years ago, and now can’t imagine what his life would’ve been like without it. Aside from art instruction, the mentors spoke with him about philosophy, politics, and things related to the real world. It helped him change some the ways he thinks, like about how to navigate family relationships and new friendships.

Top five things/people/places that inspire Luis? – Cartoons and video games make him want to create his own series, musicians inspire him to create art around songs, and he’s been a fan of games like Mario series, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo, Pokeman, plus cartoons like SpongeBob, Simpsons, and Family Guy.

He simply wants to produce as much artwork as he can. Plus, when he’s creating it makes him happy. Luis describes his art as unique, gnarly, and colorful, and himself as creative, sometimes funny, and calm.  He likes to work out, is into muscle cars, motorcycles, photography, and travel.

As a member of the collective it’s been very exciting to have his art exhibited and seen by so many people. He’s had a few people approach him and tell him he did a good job, and it just made him want to push himself to make more art for the next shows. He likes meeting new people and talking about his art and how he managed to finish it and how it made him feel afterwards

“YAC’s more like a home to young aspiring artists, relaxing and peaceful –listening to music while working on their art. YAC is also a sanctuary for people who need to take a break from life, like if they’re dealing with bullying at school or family issues. it’s a safe place to talk with people (members or mentors) about what’s going on in your life” 

- Ulises (Luis) Aguilera

See Luis’s work at YAC’s Summer Art Show

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