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IMG_4172 Merritt, a 17-year-old Independent Study Senior, has been a member of YAC for 4 years – since she was a high school freshman. She finds YAC to be “supportive, open and motivational;” a place where she is invigorated by her talented peers. For her, YAC has been a positive, constant during a time in her life when she has experienced a lot of changes. Merritt’s first remembers exploring art when as a preschooler she was instructed to create a self-portrait. She drew herself in a dress, then realized the dress needed a body and then realized the body needed a dress. Subsequently, her self-portrait took up the entire page. Her present artistic style often focuses on people and is self described as “eclectic, spontaneous and simplistic.” She is attracted to humans as a subject matter because both the human figure and humanity, including differences in societies and cultures, fascinate her. In addition to art, she studies history and anthropology and really enjoys learning about cultures. These loves are evident in her “rational and inquisitive” personality. She is also a self-admitted procrastinator. Her work is primarily mixed media – for example collages of found objects mixed with illustration. Merritt’s reflections on being a part of a number of YAC shows is that it is an empowering experience to both learn the process of displaying work and to have the general public reflect on what you have created. Merritt is inspired by her dear friends, web comic artists, solitary walks and the act of staying up until 4 am. With these inspirations, she was most confident in her art when she realized that she was proud to show a stranger her sketchbook. Before, she was reluctant. Merritt dreams for the future include improving her drawing skills, experimenting with glass blowing and studying history and, or illustration. Her wish is to teach ESL overseas to fulfill her desire to travel and learn about different cultures and languages. See Merritt’s work here:

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