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Stephen, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Seaside High, has been a YACster for four years, since he started high school. He feels that words cannot quite express how “respectable and helpful” YAC is.

Stephen’s first memory of art was when he drew a dinosaur during a 1st grade English quiz, however he presently explores every medium. He would not consider himself particular about subject matter, but rather explores anything and everything that sparks his interest. He describes his work as “broad, influenced and emotional.” In the most recent YAC Summer Show, Stephen had a daring and darling collection of brightly colored avant-garde animals.

He describes himself as “adventurous, daring and unpredictable” and in addition to art loves cooking, gardening, film, animals, learning about different countries, and socializing. Stephen finds most of his inspiration from music, bird’s-eye views of the clouds during a sunset, food, culture (important to note - all cultures), a large number of people smiling at the same time, the word “freedom,” technological advancements, and historical monuments.

Of importance, Stephen felt most triumphant in his art when he finished building his free form sculpture of a knight. The knight, coincidentally, broke five minutes later. He would like to continue learning the art of glass and/or metal work, and frankly, would like to try out “everything.” He admits that he may fail at some attempts or he may truly succeed but there is no harm in trying.

In ten years Stephen would like to be famous - he is not certain why but knows for sure that he wants to be. Furthermore, he wishes to be both well-known and well respected. He recently began his Freshman year at San Francisco State University.

“I would rather regret the things I do, then the things I didn’t do.” – Lucille Ball

See more of Stephen’s work here.

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