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Taylor, an 18-year-old Senior at York, has been a member of YAC for three years and loves being part of such a “cozy, tranquil and rewarding” community. Self-described as “amiable, quirky and caring,” she first remembers loving art when at age two or three she would sit at the kitchen table surrounded by magazines, with her Mother allowing her to use “big kid scissors.” Her collage creations were then given away as gifts.

Presently, her favorite mediums are acrylic, watercolor, and sketching with pencil. Her work often depicts humans and animals, and she gravitates toward images of women. She notes “that really she also ought to practice drawing men.” She is attracted to animals because she feels a certain “knack” and the composition comes so naturally. The ease of the animals and the effort of the humans provide a good balance.

Taylor is inspired by classes she is currently taking on psychology, her volunteer time at the Carmel Youth Center for 6-15 year olds, her friendships (especially with her friend Elle), the focus that she can achieve at YAC, and an artist named Charmaine Olivia - an American who she has followed since middle school. She has loved observing Charmaine’s progression.

Taylor describes her art as “vibrant, striking and spirited” and was most proud of it when last year she was chosen to participate in the Carmel Art Association’s “For The Love of Art” show. When she arrived at the event, her submission - an acrylic painting of a Sumatran Tigress - was already adorned with a little red sticker indicating that it had been purchased!

In addition to improving the mediums she already works in, Taylor wishes to try oil and to constantly progress in realism while exploring variances in style. Honestly, she would love to sell more pieces, not for the profit but to know “someone appreciated her work enough to have it in their home.”

Having worked with kids, whom she finds to be “funny, cute and engaging” Taylor dreams of not only majoring in art but also focusing specifically on art therapy. She finds psychology to be very interesting and would be intrigued to work with children. That being said, she will most likely achieve a Masters degree, while working as a showing artist. She would also love to travel in the future, specifically to India with her Father.

Taylor’s favorite quote is “The World is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” –E.E. Cummings

See Taylor’s work on instagram here

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