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YACster lorenzo Lorenzo, a 17-year-old who describes himself as “comedic, meticulous, and stubborn,” is a Pacific Grove High School Senior. He has been a member of YAC for just over a year and half, when he joined along with his identical twin brother Marz. He finds YAC to be both friendly and open – and states that “creativity is flowing through the building and through the community.” Lorenzo first recalls loving art when, in 3rd grade, his Dad had a friend who’s son drew a puffball character who had a similar likeness to Nintendo’s “Kirby.” Lorenzo and his brother were then inspired to create their own characters - the character that he drew had the power to control electricity. Now Lorenzo works mostly in pencil and paper, and also explores digital media like tablet and Photoshop, and describes his work as “darker in tone and color, experimental, and inspired by Marvel or DC and mixed anime, but more American than Japanese.” He focuses on story art with a super hero type comic style, as well as fantasy. Lorenzo is inspired by his steadfastly supportive father, Studio Ghibli (the animation film studio responsible for “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away”), animation in general, comic books, and individuals - specifically peers - who are open to new ideas. Though he spends much of his time engrossed in art, he also practices Aikido “the Japanese Way of Peace” self defense two days a week. Recently, Lorenzo has been proud of the direction he is heading in and feels a real sense of momentum. He would like to work more with oil and plans on continuing with projects focused on animation and video game art. He will formally study computer science, along with his brother, at CSUMB in the fall. His ultimate dream is to own and operate a studio alongside his twin and father producing videogames, apps and personal art. See Lorenzo’s work here

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