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YACster DeShaun DeShaun, an 18 year old self-described as “friendly, outgoing and imaginative” is a Seaside High School Senior. She has been a member of YAC for over two years. She finds YAC to be “creative, innovative and welcoming” and says that it fosters “originality in its purest form, while simultaneously encouraging inspiration from other people”. DeShaun’s most specific memory of doing art early on was when she created a watercolor in kindergarten of three beautiful sunflowers – one representing her Mother, one her Sister and herself. She continues to work in watercolor as well as pen and paper and digital art. Her work, which she describes as “spontaneous, expressive and colorful” is inspired by her love of history, movies (specifically fantasy and horror), her life experiences (both negative and positive), her friends and other artists that she meets online. DeShaun spends much of her time devoted to “Vent art,” i.e. art produced while upset or as a coping mechanism, nude studies, and character studies. When not at YAC or creating art on her own time, she enjoys singing, dancing and playing piano and drums. DeShaun’s hope is to become a video game developer or concept artist. She specifically would like to be involved with open world games that are fantasy based and action heavy. She dreams of attending a four-year college to study art and animation. See DeShaun’s work here: and also at

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