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YACster profile meet sophiaSophia, a 16-year-old sophomore at Carmel High School, has been a member of YAC for over a year and finds it to be a “welcoming, empowering and magical” place for her to pursue her artistic interests. Sophia’s first memory of being a young artist was a very vivid recollection of creating a lavender birthday card. Presently Sophia enjoys painting in acrylic because of the ability to blend colors and because the application is such fun; but primarily because she is attracted to how the final product looks. Thus, she describes her work as “expressive, elaborate and emotive” and deems it to be highly evocative of what she is feeling – specifically attempting to explain her mind through medium aka poetry without words. This affirms her description of herself as “passionate, intuitive and motivated by the act and art of creating”. Sophia is inspired by music, a beach near Big Sur that her family lovingly nicknamed “Secret Shell Beach”, the ocean, nature in all its forms, rainy day clouds, dew on plants after a rain, sunsets and fire. In addition to art, Sophia loves music, reading, writing, ironically science and math (however not the science and math that she is learning right now), psychology (“Wow!”), sociology, astronomy, cats, flowers and running. Sophia would love to learn stained and blown glass, work with a chisel and carve jade. In ten years she aspires to develop a specific plot to author a book in either poetry or prose, attain a college degree in Psychology and/or English, consistently create art, develop her piano skills and also learn to play guitar, harp and pipe organ, write music for the aforementioned instruments, have two cats and reside in a home with very brightly painted walls. Sophia looks back from her early childhood doodles to her recent accomplishment of learning to draw an eye, and is proud of her progression. She finds YAC to be “just great!!!” and hopes to be a member as she continues in her high school and collegiate career. See more of Sophia’s work here:

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