LiveArt Success!!

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This year’s was our sixth annual LiveART and was truly one of our best yet! We could not have pulled it off without every one of you. You were hugely generous with your time, talents, donations – and all in the name of YAC. So here comes an epic thank you from a couple of deeply appreciative founders. Visual artists, you created gorgeous work right in front of our eyes, all night long. What a performance! HUGE thanks to Will Bullas, Christine Crozier, Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Pam Carroll, Robin Winfield, Ray Magsalay, Kevin Miller, Jen Anderson, Chris Leib, Charlsie Kelly, Mary Liz Houseman, Andrew Jackson, Germain Hatcher, Jamie Dagdigian, Edward Eyth, Thomas Hawley, Emily Southard, Meg Biddle, Chloe Wilson, Logan Parsons, Nina Paris, Steven Russell, Cody Moore, and Meheen Ruby and the YACsters! Musicians, you were brilliant at LiveART. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed this year's music! One of the best sets yet. Thank you to Keith Damron of El Camino Sutra (for not only performing his awesome music, but producing the musical half of LiveART. He is one of YAC’s illustrious alumni), Adam Behan, Kenny Chung, James Cameron Crow, Talmon Owens, Kevin Robinson, and Morticai. Big shout out to the most generous and enthusiastic volunteers (parents, friends, board members, and alumni) who helped us put on this awesome party. And huge thanks to Silvestri Vineyards, Zabala Vineyards, and Cult of 8 who all so graciously donated wine for the event! And to our fabulous board – who have our backs. And finally, without our wonderful and brilliant staff, we could not have done ANY of this. It’s a huge event and an incredible team – Andrew Jackson, Germain Hatcher, Hanni Liliedahl, and Chloe Wilson……you guys ROCK. Thank you all for an outstanding LiveART. See you again next year!! With love and deep appreciation, – Meg and Marcia

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